Target and engage qualified prospects for your business
with pinpoint accuracy.

Core Audience

 Core Audience is Hearst’s digital audience extension initiative. It allows our clients to literally laser target (and reach) who they want, where they want at any time they want – on any device. Target by DMA or down to the zip code anywhere.

  Hearst’s unrivaled, proprietary first-party data will make your campaign measurably more efficient and more effective.

  Working with a premier publisher like Hearst versus a typical digital media reseller* allows you to avoid the fraudulent pitfalls of the wild, wild web with Hearst’s industry standard-beating click fraud measures.

Enjoy brand safe environments with total transparency – ask any other reseller if they can tell you exactly where all of your ads ran. We can – and we can ensure they ran in brand-safe environments – no politics, hate speech, violence, pornography or any other inappropriate content.

Incorporate geo-fencing. Reach viewers who have physically been to your targeted area or address.

 Core Audience in-depth campaign reporting and analysis provides insights on the most responsive consumers and engagements to ensure campaign success.We consistently optimize your digital initiatives to provide you the most efficient use of your resources.

  Let us show you how we have helped a variety of businesses achieve their objectives in the digital arena.

*Resellers – digital media vendors who don’t actually own or publish content – they sell other company’s inventory. Essentially they are middlemen. Never hesitate to ask any digital media vendor what properties they actually own.